• About the corporate donor

Goodzone - This is a tool for communicating stars - philanthropists with their fans to raise funds by subscribing to the charity Good Events.

GZ is a fundraiser platform / application that provides
new formats of interaction of creators with their community. From
75% to 95% of all funds raised will be
translate to Good Deeds.

It can be: help to a certain charity
fund, transfer of funds to the account for sale
transparent initiative: save the child, purchase equipment,
place hydration points, build a nursery
playground, improve the park, etc.

We work on a subscription of $ 1 / month.

Vision - we want to become the engine, the heart of something really
significant and powerful, to be an inseparable link
between celebrities, subscribers and sponsors.
Give invaluable emotions, advice, receive
fan, unreal gifts and most importantly -
to help charitable foundations and Good Events at
to bring good to the whole world and change the world for the better.

Website - https://ua.goodzone.io/
Promo - https://youtu.be/OKgG5hiYnhg