raises money for charitable and social projects.

Behind each project is a story of specific people who need help. Behind every project is someone's problem, a story, someone's pain and hope. Our task is to tell this story and create conditions for those who want to help to meet those who need help. To support the project, just click "support", enter your data and agree on the transfer from your bank card. At the same moment you will be able to see your transfer on the site in the list, the collected amount and the amount remaining until the end of the collection. Charity project funds are kept on accounts until the full amount is collected. Further, the amount is transferred to the implementation of the stated goal by the partner fund. Partner funds are our help operators. In order to select them, we worked through the database of registered public and charitable organizations of the Ministry of Justice - more than 4000 positions, filtered out "dead", formal, political and dubious organizations.

We traveled to all regions and met real charitable agents of change. We now have over 100 registered, non-profit charities and community organizations that operate in an accountable, transparent and public manner. And we are ready to vouch for them. An accreditation agreement is concluded with each partner fund.

In case of violation of our rules, subject to the first proven case of misuse of funds, the Assistance Operator immediately loses accreditation.

100% of the collected charitable funds, minus the commissions of payment systems, are sent directly to the project. administration costs and staff salaries are funded by a grant from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation and additional voluntary support from philanthropists, because small contributions help improve the platform and save hundreds of lives every day.