is the leading online fundraiser platform in Ukraine.
We are bringing together the
best charitable organizations, NGO’s, businesses and donors. It doesn’t matter if you are
just an individual or a representative of an NGO or a business, this is the best fundraising
platform for you. Our platform features the most time-sensitive projects from reputable
charitable organizations. We collect and verify all information before publishing. It is up to
you whether you want to support an existing project or create your own.
No matter which path you choose, you will still benefit from our two biggest advantages — 0% user fee and
100% financial accountability. raises funds for different projects. Behind every project there is a story of a
human being in need, often it is the story of pain and great hope.
Our mission is to tell this story and to make sure that those, who need help and
those, who can help find each other.

Partner-organizations are our assistance operators. We
wanted to thoroughly select the assistance operators and to do so we went through the
Ministry of Justice’s register of NGO’s (a total of around 4000) and filtered out the inactive,
political and questionable organizations. We traveled around the country and met real
charity sector change agents in different regions. As of now, the list of our assistance
operators comprises more than 120 registered, non-profit NGO’s that are transparent,
public and accountable. In addition, we are ready to vouch for each and every one of
We sign an accreditation agreement with every partner organization. In case there is
a breach of the terms of the agreement or if there is a proven case of fund diversion the
assistance operator immediately loses the accreditation.

100% of the funds raised, except for the bank processing fees, go directly towards a
selected project

Administrative expenses of, as well as salaries for the
employees are covered by the grants received from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.  
At the same time we will be more than grateful for any donations to the organization itself,
as even the smallest donations can help improve the experience of the platform users.