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05.11.2020 11:40

Fundraising marathon for Giving Tuesday

On December 1, the All-Ukrainian Day of Good Deeds - Giving Tuesday will take place! For the third year in a row, is one of the partners …

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23.10.2020 13:40

5 million hryvnia to save children

5 million hryvnias - as much as 267,000 overnight. First and foremost global additions to Kyivstar subscribers within the framework of our special pr…

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16.09.2020 16:48

Alyona Gudkova about her experience of campaigns on

Everyone can do good deeds! And you don't have to have a lot of money for that Alyona Gudkova is the founder and ideological inspirer of t…

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19.11.2020 14:08

Those who were born prematurely

Every year in Ukraine about 19,000 premature babies are born, and their weight is sometimes only 500 grams. They are premature babies, and doctors ca…

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17.11.2020 16:28

They were born prematurely

November 17, the world celebrates the International Day of Premature Babies. Every year, 19,000 babies are born in Ukraine prematurely, sometimes wei…

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11.11.2020 15:37

We give iPhone 12 for a good cause

Get an iPhone 12 for a charity contribution of 200 hryvnias at this link Each contribution from 200 hryvnias to this charitable project is an au…

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11.11.2020 15:14

How to build quality partnerships?

On the eve of Generous Tuesday, charities are looking for support and new partnerships to promote their projects. But not all collaborations are equa…

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26.10.2020 15:28

Building trust in the civil society sector

Adherence to standards of transparency and good governance has long been a common practice among civil society organizations in Europe and the United…

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21.10.2020 12:46

Don't fund scammers

Winter holidays are approaching, and with them swindlers are becoming more active, collecting money "for the treatment of a child." True, when, in…

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06.10.2020 15:42

Gave an IPhone for good deeds

The team on their Facebook page has determined the winner of the iPhone drawing for a charitable donation. From September 29 to Octob…

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17.09.2020 12:51

Max Bakhmatov about his experience of campaigns on

Everyone can do good deeds! And for this you do not need to have a lot of money. Businessman and innovator Maxim Bakhmatov saved 32 childre…

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16.09.2020 14:57

Svetlana Panaiotidi about her experience of campaigns on

Everyone can do good deeds! And you don't have to have a lot of money for that For the fourth year in a row, Deputy Minister of Economic D…

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