Це найоперативніша можливість подарувати допомогу, поділитися підтримкою.

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Ставайте почесними членами спільноти

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Stock – є фондом для фондів. Отримуй нашу підтримку та зростай разом з нами.

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Як ви можете допомогти?

Changing the world for the better is no easy feat, but with this task becomes a lot easier.
•      A regular payment is a great option, as it allows us to manage existing resources better and direct funds to the most urgent projects.

•      You can support any of our projects both financially, by making a donation on the website, and informationally, by sharing the project on your social media.
•      You can make a donation using our banking info from anywhere in the world.
•      The quickest and easiest way to help is to send a text message. 
Sending a text to 88007 transfers 10 hryvnias towards saving someone’s life, 88002 – 10 hryvnias towards helping people in unfortunate circumstances, 88001 – 20 hryvnias towards helping healthcare establishments purchase necessary medical equipment.