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Detailed information on how to get help for a private person:

What do I do to have my project featured on dobro.ua? This is the most common question we get. The answer is that we do not directly cooperate with private citizens. We publish fundraisers from verified partner organizations, as they are our assistance operators. There are 122 transparent charitable organization on that list and they cover a huge variety of charitable projects. All we do is help people help them.
Therefore, if you need our help raising funds for a cause, you have to choose a charitable organization from the list of our partners and ask them to take over your project. As soon as one of the organizations agrees to help you, they send us a request to publish a project, submitting all the required documents. If the project is in line with our requirements, it will appear on the platform.
At first it might seem as if this process is very complicated and requires a lot of time and effort — you have to write letters, substantiate your goal and provide supporting documentation.  However, all of these steps are needed to guarantee complete transparency and to report to our donors on where the money is spend. Besides, we do not take any of the donations to cover administrative fees, 100% of the money raised goes towards the goal defined in the project. Administrative expenses of dobro.ua, as well as salaries for the employees are covered by the grants received from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

dobro.ua platform has more than a million users that are read to hear your story and help you out. Working with us is easy, safe and quick.