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Action plan for all those seeking fundraising assistance:

0. Carefully check the information about the activities of charitable organizations and the assistance they provide, follow their official pages, do not be afraid to ask them additional questions. Unfortunately, now there are scammers in the charitable sector who use the names of well-known charitable organizations, illegally collect money, ask for personal bank card details, or offer work in messengers and ask those interested to send payment to the card, etc. (scammers explain the need for subscription by the high demand and the opportunity to receive additional bonuses from charity). If you come across someone who allegedly represents charitable organizations, including dobro.ua, CO ICF "Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace", and offers to make money on charity, be sure that they are scammers!

Recommendations on how to take care of the safety of your funds: https://privatbank.ua/ru/safeness

Importantly: dobro.ua does not directly pay any money to personal bank cards to people and does not cooperate with international organizations on direct payments of money to affected citizens of Ukraine. Also, the dobro.ua team urges you not to participate in dubious schemes when you are expected to perform some "tasks", make payments, buy cryptocurrency, etc. and are promised rewards and compensation for this. This is exactly how fraudsters operate! dobro.ua operates solely on the basis of Ukrainian legislation, according to which charity cannot be aimed at making a profit.

1. You need to apply to our foundations (in the "Operators of help" section) for charitable support.

We are a platform for raising funds and cannot accept applications from individuals. But here are our proven charities that can be trusted. They are the ones to turn to if you need help.

Please note that public charitable fundraising is carried out in compliance with Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine "On Charitable Activities and Charitable Organizations".

The standard package of documents that may be requested from you at the Charitable Organizations is:

- documents certifying your identity, place of residence, identification number, marital status,
- medical documents certifying the diagnosis, which are provided under the condition that consent to the processing of personal data is signed,
- bills for medicine or payment of services.

In addition, you must write an application for receiving charitable assistance, sign consent to the processing of your personal data and a cooperation agreement with Charitable Organizations – all this is required for public fundraising.

Also, depending on the type of application, other documents may be requested from you if necessary.

2. Read tips on how to apply to charities so that your application is answered.

At first glance, such a structure may seem complicated, as it requires effort and time – to write letters, justify your goal and confirm it with documents. However, only in this way we can fully guarantee the protection of charitable donations from fraud and report them to all those who give money to our published projects.

3. As soon as one of the charities agrees to help you, it sends us an application with the relevant documents for the project.

4. If the project meets all the requirements, it will be published on the website.

The dobro.ua platform is more than a million users to whom you can tell about your plight, be heard and get a chance to solve your problem.

100% of the funds raised by philanthropists go to the purpose stated in the project. We do not withhold interest allowed by law for our administrative expenses. The expenses for the administration of dobro.ua and the salaries of the employees are financed by a grants and voluntary donations of philanthropists to support the work of our platform.

It is transparent and safe to work with us.