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dobro.ua - the main platform for good deeds in Ukraine.

It is the first and largest fundraising platform in Ukraine for online charity, an effective and modern tool for raising funds for charitable and social projects of any direction

In 2011, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation established, and since then has been supporting the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace that announced in 2020 about its relaunch and became dobro.ua. it is the first and the biggest in Ukraine fundraising platform for online charity, an efficient and up-to-date tool to engage funds for philanthropic and social projects of any purpose. 

The main mission of dobro.ua is to create a new model systemic charity based on accountability, transparency, responsibility and involvement of citizens. Development of the mass charity culture in Ukraine and building of a branched network of highly professional philanthropic organisations capable of addressing social challenges of any complexity is the platform’s contribution to the evolution of Ukraine’s proactive and strong society.

dobro.ua is a powerful communication platform for the philanthropic sector, and a user-friendly online service that enables thousands of people to meet on everyday basis: ones needing help and those willing to help. 

Not only the platform engages and channels funds for urgent purposes, it opens access for non-commercial organisations to ideas and information, and for the business, to the most transparent organisations and to a possibility to receive full financial reports. 

dobro.ua seeks to establish a community that is capable to easily and simply address challenges of any complexity. 

Our values

We believe that together we are stronger than individually. Our cooperation is based on universal human values: respect, trust, decency, involvement, and support - this is the foundation on which we stand.


We are the guarantor of the fulfillment of all obligations implied by the parties, equally protecting beneficiaries and benefactors. Each of our stories is checked and relevant, and each hryvnia is protected.


We are focused on transparency, publicity, and accountability. Each project is thoroughly inspected. Everyone gets open access to documents and regular reports on our activities.


Trust in charity is the basis of strong relationships, without which our work is impossible. Honesty, openness, and accountability allow you to trust each other and do good effectively.


We are focused on developing the entire philanthropic sector. Increasing the sustainability, efficiency, and professionalism of funds directly affects people's activity and involvement in solving social problems.


We strive to create innovative philanthropy, which is why we offer new approaches, opportunities, products, and services. Our goal is to be efficient and accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

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Team dobro.ua

Our team is professionals who love to do their jobs.

Iryna Gutsal
Victoria Didur
Head of the department of cooperation with funds
Tanya Raykova
Darina Pilipchuk
Bohdan Berdnik
Svetlana Gavrilenko
Olya Zabolotnaya
Ivanna Slobodziana
Yuna Chankovskaya
Julia Glushko
Olya Buliaeva
Vera Panasyuk
History dobro.ua

The history of the first Ukrainian charitable fundraising online platform dobro.ua began back in 2011 with the creation of the International Charitable Fund Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace. The founder and initiator of the creation of ICF UBB was the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, which founded the platform as an online investment-philanthropy to support and develop philanthropy in Ukraine through the active involvement of citizens. The main goal was to create an independent, effective, and fraud-free tool that helps Ukraine's charitable sector develop a culture of mass philanthropy.

On January 26, 2012, the presentation of the Ukrainian Philanthropy Market's innovative charitable platform took place at the 5th Davos round table on philanthropy e-philanthropy. Among the guests and the first to use the platform: Dmitry Shymkiv - at that time, the General Director of Microsoft Ukraine, Alec Ross, Senior Advisor on Innovation to the US Secretary of State, and Victor Pinchuk.

Over the 9 years of operation of the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation has provided financial and informational support to our activities, allowing us to develop and adhere to the principle that 100% of the funds donated to charitable projects are used exclusively for the needs of these projects. We do not deduct any administration interest from these contributions. Subsequently, we began to receive support from other organizations and philanthropists, which allowed us to become more financially stable, independent, and efficient. We always have been independent in making decisions and actions, relying primarily on the interests of our partner foundations, benefactors, and recipients of aid. After all, our primary goal is to ensure an independent, effective support platform that works based on the best international practices and principles of charitable work.

For 9 years of operation, the platform has raised more than UAH 312 million for charity, supported almost 6,000 projects, and won numerous national competitions and ratings in charity. More than 1.2 million benefactors supported projects on the site. More than 200 companies became partners, including large business representatives such as Kyivstar, WOG, Winner, Monobank, Danon, Vodafone, Bayer, Amway, Nova Poshta, Courage, Data Group, Coca-Cola and many others. The platform is also the leader among personal fundraising. Over the years, more than 150 opinion leaders, stars, journalists, TV presenters, athletes, politicians, bloggers have collected their personal fundraising campaigns to solve social problems.

On August 12, 2020, the International Charitable Foundation Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace announced a complete restart and updates of the largest charitable online platform in Ukraine. From now on, the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace has become dobro.ua. Dobro.ua, a new innovative charitable online platform, was launched with financial support from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. Today, more than ever, Ukrainian transparent and accountable organizations, representatives of socially responsible business and conscious, proactive Ukrainians have gained access to modern and practical tools and opportunities to provide charitable assistance and solve social problems. Dobro.ua is an updated fundraising platform from ICF Ukrainian Philanthropic Exchange and a place where hundreds of charitable projects from hundreds of verified organizations have been collected. On the 24/7 website, you can track the progress of fundraising for social projects in various spheres of life: from medicine to supporting local initiatives.

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