Tanya Raykova Pylypchuk

Tanya Raykova Pylypchuk


Life itself imperceptibly prepared Tatyana for work in the charitable sector. First she received a law degree because she always dreamed of fighting injustice, and then she worked side by side with the best journalists and media managers on one of the national TV channels. Further - the search for a new job, non-compliance with the requirements of the vacancy, hope for a chance and the number of director Irina Gutsal is signed "PR-dream" in the phone book. And the chance did fall ...

To lose him is to lose a dream that has only come true, because Tatiana persistently argued that she was worth her job. I found a solution to problems, could not ignore social injustice, came up with bold charitable projects for businesses, but did not get tired of talking louder about good deeds to a wide audience.

Its main task is to develop a fund in which a person with even 1 hryvnia can invest in help and ultimately change the world around.

“My work is a family,” Tatiana always says, because she adores her team and is always inspired by it, and efforts, faith and love for her work are the formula for her professional happiness.

An important fact: Tatiana remembers the fund, when only 14,000,000 hryvnia was collected on the counter, and now look up;)

Outside of work, an important part of Tatyana's life is yoga, which saves from stress. She also loves going out with her husband, traveling out of town and off the internet, because this is a special kind of pleasure for any modern PR woman.