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StarLightMedia is the largest Ukrainian media group. It includes 6 channels — STB, ICTV, Novy Channel, M1, M2, QTV — and another 10 companies united by production and distribution of high quality content and events for mass audience.

STB is an absolute leader of the most coveted by advertisers female audience (here and further data of Nielsen’s people-metric panel, belongs to TIC, provided by StarLightMedia). This is the channel that every day proves that ‘Everything is possible!’ (It is STB’s slogan).

ICTV is a channel with the temper. It’s got powerful journalistic broadcasting. It is the country’s leader of the most hard-hitting audience — ‘male 25-45’.

Novy Channel offers: ‘Let’s live together’. It’s the most popular channel among Ukrainian youth.

М1 and М2 channels are music, pop charts, world and Ukrainian, 24/7, in a stereo mode.

OCE is a favorite animation channel of the country, the leader of Ukrainian TV market among ‘boys aged from 8 to 80’.

StarLightMedia is the leader of TV viewing — the share of the media group in 2018 exceeded 28%. The margin over closest competitor is 36%.

The group consists of three Sales Houses: StarLight Sales (direct advertising), StarLight Brand Content (sponsorship and product placement), and StarLight Digital Sales (online and mobile advertising).

The proportion of group’s television inventory in the first half of 2015 accounted for a third of Ukrainian market of TV advertising (34.7% for 14-49 50K+). Holding is able to meet any advertiser’s needs concerning coverage, frequency and quality of the contact.

StarLightMedia develops its own production and has production companies. There are three of them: StarLight Films (TV serials), StarLight Commercial Production (direct advertising and brand integration into TV shows), and Vavёrka Production (comic TV genres).

The holding includes two service companies for providing video production: StarLight Rental (rental of shooting equipment) and StarLight Scenery (developing and production of scene and props).

The department of online project development StarLight Digital. Besides television, StarLightMedia has a strong Internet component: hundreds of hours of high quality online video. Group’s videos in the Internet were watched 150 million times over the last year.

Today our group is trend-setting in television and advertising; it seeks opportunities for development and unconventional ideas. We take part in sectoral initiatives such as #KinoKraiina (FilmCountry), Chyste Nebo (Clear Sky). We create social projects of national importance — Dobrii Znak (Good Sign), Svoie Teplo (Your Warmth).

We consider our main corporate aim to be the substantive improvement of life around us. An average Ukrainian stands in our focus. We are sure that we live in a very prospective country with intelligent and hardworking people. We are full of empathy, and as well as the participants of our projects we believe in determination, honesty and the fact that one day your special moment will surely come, the main thing is never to give up.

Almost 4’000 people with constructive and optimistic approach to life work in StarLightMedia. Here are the leaders of our teams, the top management of the group.

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