Changing the world for the better is a difficult task, but with it becomes easier.

❤️  A regular payment is a great option, as it allows us to manage existing resources better and direct funds to the most urgent projects.❤️ You can support any of our projects financially by donating on the website and informationally by sharing the project on your social media.
❤️ You can make a donation using our banking info from anywhere in the world.
❤️ The quickest and easiest way to help is to send a text message. 
88007 - 10 UAH assistance to an defense capability and rebuilding of Ukraine
88002 – 10 UAH helping children and adults who find themselves in difficult life circumstances
88001 – 20 UAH saving someone’s life: helping healthcare establishments purchase necessary medical equipment, helping sick children and adults

❤️ Own a campaign in support of one of our projects. Please invite your friends to support her, and the result will not belong in coming.