PepsiCo in Ukraine Ukraine is presented by companies Sandora and Bimm-Bill-Dann and is one of leaders of the Ukrainian market of foodstuffs and drinks. A company occupies leading positions in the market of juices and exit-juice products and presented by the brands of Sandora, Sadochok, Sandoryk.

The also carbonated drinks of Pepsi enter to the brief-case of 7UP, Mirinda company, cold tea of Lipton Ice Tea, mineral water Iesentuki and Akva Minerale. It is also presented by the chips of Lay's and rusks of Hrus Team.

A company also occupies sure positions at the market of suckling products with brands Miracle, Slovjanochka, Mashenka, Delicious, Romol. Child's food of PepsiCo in Ukraine is presented by the products of Agusha.

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