Total projects
Totally raised
31785682.60 UAH
The objective of the Fund - financial support programs directed to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the nervous system, musculoskeletal, immune and endocrine systems, cancer and other serious illnesses in children. We help rehab children and young people with functional limitations provided psychosocial, medical sports help.

The purpose of the Fund's activity is to promote the practical implementation of national, regional, local and international medical, rehabilitation and scientific-educational programs. The goals of the Fund are to carry out charitable activities aimed at:

• financial support for programs aimed at the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, internal organs, immune and endocrine systems, chronic pain syndromes, persistent pathological conditions in children, as well as oncological diseases and other serious diseases.

• assistance in the rehabilitation of children and young people with functional disabilities and providing social and psychological assistance, as well as providing medical, physical and sports facilities for the disabled (children with disabilities) and social services, legal aid, environmental, wellness, amateur sports, cultural, educational, educational and scientific activities in accordance with current legislation.

• carrying out other charitable activities in the public interest, providing charitable assistance to those who need it.