СF "Pax et Bonum"

СF "Pax et Bonum"

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The main purpose of the Fund's activity is to improve the socio-economic situation in Ukraine, promote the spiritual revival of Ukrainian citizens and help and support the most socially disadvantaged and needy categories through charitable activities.

The objectives of the Fund are:

2.4.1. identifying the needs of suffering people, the socially disadvantaged and meeting those needs, especially through material and social assistance to sick, disabled, orphans and children deprived of parental care, large families, families in difficult life circumstances, pregnant women, HIV-positive and AIDS patients, the elderly, the needy and all the needy;

2.4.2. receiving and providing humanitarian, material, financial assistance;

2.4.3. promoting the provision of medicines and basic necessities to the sick, disabled and lonely people, the elderly;

2.4.4. providing assistance to citizens affected by natural, environmental, man-made and other disasters resulting from social or armed conflicts, as well as victims of repression, refugees;

2.4.5. cultural and educational activities, spiritual education and upbringing;

2.4.6. ideological and organizational support to other charities, assistance in their creation.