All-Ukrainian Public Center "Volunteer"

All-Ukrainian Public Center "Volunteer"

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Operator of help on UBB until 2015.

Initiative group of young people, including teachers, psychologists, officers, historians, journalists, was joined for common realization of their ideas and dissemination of principles of voluntary work in Ukraine for the benefit of society. Before official registration of organization, there were a number of programs which then were transformed to three main activities of the Center.

Previous programs of the Center:

- "Letters in granite" – research program for preservation of cultural heritage;
- "Playgrounds on the yard" – organization of open football competitions between teens in Kyiv city regions;
- Volunteer training service "Barrier" – prevention of negative phenomena among young people using method “peer-to-peer”;
- Study program of international experience on volunteer activity and organization of social and educational work with young people.

Main activities:

“I and environment” – interaction between a human and a nature, to solve ecological problems, to study and preserve cultural and historical monuments, nature protection activities, researches.

“I and human” – development and self-development, to consider problems of integration to society and adaptation to conditions of modern life of different categories of adolescents and youth, to promote education and leadership development, to create conditions for social rehabilitation and adaptation of people with special needs, to promote self-creative and talented youth.

“I and international community” – to promote Ukraine’s integration to the international community by the interpenetration of cultures, traditions and establishing mutual understanding between people of different nationalities and confessions, political views on a personal level, during joint international events, actions as well as within the implementation of joint projects and programs.