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theBODY school is your personal specialist in nutrition, psychology and sports. It is an effective and simple technology for changing eating habits, based on the best modern developments. Every day everyone who comes to theBODY school creates the body of their dreams. And we guarantee really impressive results when we follow our recommendations! Our school operates in Kiev, but there is also an on-line course where people from other cities of Ukraine, as well as Russia, Moldova, Poland, Bulgaria, France, Australia and the United States are trained. All graduates of the course get access to new materials and programs even after the end of the course, we do not abandon them :)

They don't come to us twice.

Each of our graduates not only puts their figure and health in order, they change their way of life forever.

Our mission - we want every person, after being trained at theBODY school, to learn how to eat wisely, become slim, healthy and raise their quality of life to a new level.

Start your journey to the body of your dreams today in theBODY school.

Join us!

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