Give a chance for life after the road accident!
Give a chance for life after the road accident!

Give a chance for life after the road accident!

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Started: 07.11.2016
Hymchyn, Kosiv district, Ivano-Frankivsk region
Total collected
220000.00 UAH
Funded in percents
220000.00 UAH
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In spite of hard times here in Ukraine, together we can bring Taras crippled in a terrible accident back to normal life! The boy urgently needs help and support. This tragedy that happened to him has broken all his youthful dreams and aspirations at once.

The happy and cheerful boy who was preparing for entering the university, studied at the Arts School, played the guitar and violin, wrote poetry, painted pictures, tried himself as a photo-artist and was the winner of various sports competitions several times.

As a result of an accident (RTA) - the guy is confined to bed (in a coma), he does not move and barely speaks. In order to maintain vital body functions boy needs treatment, rehabilitation and a large number of medications.
Suffering from an accident, the boy got very serious injuries: the combined cranio-thoraco-muscle injury. brain contusion to severe. Diffuse axonal injury. Minimally conscious state.

Closed injury of the chest, right-sided pneumothorax, drainage of the right pleural cavity. Slaughter of the abdominal cavity. Fracture of the pelvis, symphysis injury. Slaughter laceration on the left scrotum. Tracheostomy. Soft tissue contusion of the head. Bilateral ventilyatorasotsiyovana pneumonia complicated by extrapulmonary syndrome and purulent endobronchitis.

Now Taras in a coma and he needs medication and long-term rehabilitation in the future. Parents are constantly struggling for their child's health, despite the serious injuries the boy feels their support and care. But this time, the family's financial reserves are exhausted. For a family of Taras amount of 220 002 UAH is very big and without the help of caring people it is just unattainable!

But this sum is a chance for Taras to return to normal life and the hope for healing.
We can only hope for merciful compassion benefactors that will allow this chance. Sure - together we can contribute to the recovery of the young boy!

Done - reports are ready,
the project is completed.

Thank you for your support!

Done - reports are ready

Виталий Тихончук
05.03.2017 16:30
1806.40 UAH
Charity donation
05.03.2017 14:41
81.57 UAH
Дмитро І Анастасія
05.03.2017 10:43
50.93 UAH
Charity donation
05.03.2017 10:19
3428.72 UAH
Olga Polav
05.03.2017 07:13
200.00 UAH
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