We are grateful to the donors of the Moneybox for helping the OKHMATDYT hospital!

With the help of donations from the "Help for Children's Hospitals in Time of War" fundraiser, the Svichado Charitable Foundation purchased and handed over an important sensor for an ultrasound machine to the neonatal department of the OKHMATDYT hospital.

In four neonatal departments of the OKHMATDYT hospital with a total bed capacity of 90 beds, about 1,000 newborns with many life-threatening diseases are treated annually. These include congenital malformations requiring emergency surgery, children with extremely low birth weight (less than 1,000 g) who have been treated in the hospital for more than 2-3 months, premature babies requiring neurosurgery (such care is provided only at OKHMATDYT), and other categories of patients.

To cure and nurse these children, the team of medical professionals needs the highest quality equipment. Such equipment includes ultrasound machines that provide timely and continuous diagnostics and are equipped with appropriate sensors.

The neonatal unit has one high-end ultrasound machine. There was a great need to buy another sensor for this ultrasound machine, which could help in diagnosing and checking medical procedures, namely vascular catheterization in the smallest patients. Using this sensor will reduce complications during catheterization to 0%.

We thank all the benefactors who contributed!

This sensor will help thousands of children!

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