Mariupol is a wound on the heart not only of Ukrainians, but also of the world. Russian troops have literally destroyed the entire city, turning it into ruins. This city is a hero and the unbreakable belief of the people that good will still defeat evil. This is a city that will never lose hope.

People in Mariupol have lost not only their possessions but also their loved ones since the first days of the full-scale war. Thousands dead, hundreds of thousands deported. Those who escaped from hell tell tales of horrors that make blood run cold in their veins. It is these kinds of families with children who are helped by the "Masha Foundation," which created the unique program "Unbreakable Mother," developed by professionals in the field of psychotherapy and post-traumatic syndromes. It consists of two phases: A 3-week camp in the Carpathians, where psychologists work with moms and children (group and individual sessions, art therapy, body therapy) and psychological support online.

To show the war through the eyes of ordinary people, the Association of Ukrainian Producers finished work on the documentary film "Mariupol. Unlost Hope". The film is a testimony to the Russian-Ukrainian war by ordinary people who lived in Mariupol for the first month of the invasion. The film is based on the diaries of Mariupol journalist Nadezhda Sukhorukova: she recorded what she saw around her during this time.

Nadezhda Sukhorukova: "Everything that is happening now, it should not have happened in the 21st century. I want people to understand the absurdity of the situation and to feel that thousands are killed because of the anger, cruelty and hatred of Russian kafirs. It's important to me that every crime committed by the criminals was documented and that they be held accountable.

The film contains no gruesome footage and does not pressure the viewer. Five people from Mariupol tell about their experiences of life inside the war.

This film is one more proof of Russian war crimes on Ukrainian territory.

In order to heal the mutilated souls of women with children, including those who escaped from Mariupol, this important project must be supported.


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