Hello, my name is Hector Ismael Jimenez-Bravo. I am a Colombia-born Ukrainian chef, businessman, TV host. I’m also the judge of the project "MasterChef" and the founder of three restaurants. 

Since the 1st day of the war my restaurants have served more than 3000 meals. In 83 days of the war we delivered more than 260,000 meals. For the military forces, TDF, police, hospitals, elderly people and refugees.
I also organized a charity dinner with the elites of Warsaw together with Zlata Ohnievich and raised 1 million 300 thousand for the hottest spots in Ukraine.

I have been living in Ukraine for 13 years.
My home is in Irpin. It is near Bucha, Borodianka and other affected settlements in Kyiv region. 

I went to Irpin and saw all the horrors earlier than it appeared in the press. 
I talked to my neighbors who had survived the occupation and realized that people lost everything they had. 
Some lost their house, some lost their mother, some lost their husband or child, and some were severely injured and needed medical treatment. 
I began to help immediately and realized that the number of such families was very large.

Those who had plans for life, finances and health on February 23 may give up today without our support. 
We must help because each of us could be in this situation. They need to lend them our shoulder to support them so that they can climb out and return to a normal happy life. We must do it to help them avoid getting caught up in resolving the endless line of problems. 

With the money raised through this project, I want to help those who need it the most:
 ⁃ Children who have lost their mothers or fathers;
 ⁃ Mothers with children who have lost husbands;
 ⁃ Elderly people who have no one to take care of them;
 ⁃ Severely injured people;
 ⁃ Those who have lost their home and money to live;
 ⁃ Families with many children.

Imagine how lonely and difficult it is for these people who have lost the most precious things.
For example, a woman with a child, whose house was hit by a shell, doesn't have any income right now, with a wounded leg and severe psychological condition. On February 23rd she laughed and helped people, and today she needs our help. 

Do not stand aside.
Imagine that you are in this situation and no one helps you. It could have happened to each of us. 
And only together we can help.

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