On January 22, Ukraine celebrated the Unity Day – the day when our people became one step closer to their eternal dream – the restoration of a single, indivisible Ukrainian state. To celebrate this holiday, the Platfor.ma team created a limited collection of sweaters, scarves and socks dedicated to Ukrainian regions called "Ukraine". All things will be sold at an auction on Instagram, and the money will be donated to charity with the help of dobro.ua.

"On this day, we wanted to do something special to demonstrate how much we all love every corner of Ukraine," says Platfor.ma. "Mountains and plains, deserts and swamps, bustling cities and cozy villages, industrial areas and wild reserves – this diversity is what our state is made of. It is our strength, which allows us to overcome enemies and prove for centuries that Ukraine is one, united and indivisible."

The limited collection is dedicated to 14 historical and ethnographic regions of Ukraine: Galychyna, Bukovyna, Zakarpattia, Volyn, Polissia, Podillia, Donbas, Tavria, Zaporizhzhia, Bessarabia, Crimea, Slobozhanshchyna, Sivershchyna, and Naddnipriashchyna. Each sweater features an image of a typical landscape of that region, and the scarves bear their names.

From January 22 to January 29, inclusive, a charity auction will be held on the Instagram page of Platfor.ma, where you can purchase items from the collection. Whoever offers the highest bid for the lot as of 29.01 23:59 will win the auction. All money from the sale of the team with the help of dobro.ua will donate these funds to five social initiatives that are in dire need of these funds:

CF "Hearts of the Future", which helps children with heart defects;
CF Let's help, which helps abandoned old women and old women in geriatric boarding houses;
CF "Center for Social Projects of the Future", which helps the animals left in the zoos of Kharkiv and Mykolaiv;
CF "Children of Heroes", which provides targeted assistance to the children of fallen heroes;
CF "Solomyanski kotyky", which provides humanitarian assistance in demining territories.

You can follow project updates on the collection page and on the Platfor.ma Instagram profile.

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