The purpose of this Reserve fund is to accumulate funds for infrastructure development and statutory activity of the platform.

In order for you to be able to use all the services on the site for free and help those who need it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a team of 15 professionals works almost around the clock to maintain the smooth functioning of the platform.

We use 100% of the money donated on our website for charitable projects exclusively for the implementation of these charitable projects, without charging any commission for the work of the team or for technical support of the platform.

Despite the fact that the Law of Ukraine "On Charitable Activities and Charitable Organizations" allows using up to 20% of the funds raised to cover the administrative needs of the foundation, we deliberately do not do this!

And all this is possible only thanks to our donors and the voluntary contributions of our users to this Moneybox, who deliberately donate their own funds for the infrastructure needs of our platform.

Today is the largest help platform in Ukraine.

But taking into account the circumstances of this year, we have minimized the needs for the functioning of the project to several main items of expenditure:

- ensuring the smooth operation of the platform,

- office maintenance,

- the content of the team,

- administrative expenses for the implementation of charitable programs.

We ask you to support our project, and thereby ensure the further functioning of the platform.

By supporting us - you help one of the largest international charitable foundations in Ukraine to exist and give hope to every ward whose project is being collected and implemented on

We will be happy to answer all questions about the project and discuss the details of providing assistance for the operation of our platform in any form convenient for you.

Please contact our PR department by email

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