By supporting this reserve fund with any amount, you help children and their parents who have suffered from the war in Ukraine, are forced to remain in danger or flee from active combat zones.

According to the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, at least 5 million people lost their jobs during the war. Now every 8th Ukrainian is without a job. Unemployment threatens Ukrainians with total poverty, the inability to feed their own children. But you can help support families who have lost their homes, are left without sources of livelihood and sometimes need basic things – food, warm things, etc.

For almost a year of the war, more than 570,000 UAH was raised in this reserve fund, 27 projects were supported, which were financed 41 times. More than 1,300 people – orphans, pregnant women, mothers and children with disabilities, teenagers, single mothers and foster families – have already received help with shelter and food, warm winter clothes, psychological support and comprehensive humanitarian aid.

Ukrainian children and their families are in constant anxiety. Ukrainian children are forced to live in fear, grow up and fight for their lives. Our goal is to rescue and support those families who are currently in danger and those who are on the brink of a humanitarian disaster.
Each of us can help children and their families. After all, the help of benefactors is their chance to survive and return to normal life.

Details of supported projects can be found in the Funded.

 *Photos from open sources and project reports.

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