This reserve fund is designed to provide operational assistance to accredited charitable organizations that meet the urgent needs of military units on the front lines. In times of war, government support does not always arrive quickly, and the situation at the front changes every hour, so our support here and now can be crucial.

As a charitable foundation, we are grateful for every donation, however, according to the rules of, we do not fulfill individual orders for your contributions and do not transfer the raised funds to private card accounts.

All donations to support this reserve fund go exclusively to support the aid projects available on the platform that strengthen the defense capabilities of the army and support communities.

This fundraiser has already supported 2 important projects for our frontline defenders. All projects for which funds have been transferred can be viewed in the Funded.

In particular, thanks to this project, we have already provided our defenders with 10 tactical body armor, 20 protective plates and a DJI Mavic 3 reconnaissance drone.

Together to victory!

Fundraising was conducted within the framework of the general Charitable program " - Ukraine above all!" by "CO "ICF "Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace".

*Image credit: Images taken from open sources, including personal accounts of photographers who follow the events in Ukraine.

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