There are many things in the world that you want to improve, fix, and make more accessible, and that's why Pokupon unites everyone who wants to lend a helping hand and contribute significantly to good causes. And with the beginning of the war, we do not remain aloof from urgent social needs.

Today, every hryvnia transferred to our piggy bank helps to collect the necessary amount to restore housing in the de-occupied territories together with the volunteer construction battalion "Dobrobat".

Pokupon, the largest all-Ukrainian discount marketplace, has been cooperating with since 2013 and helps organize fundraising for those who need it: sick people, orphans, medical facilities and doctors, old people, homeless animals, etc. During the charity collaboration, the company launched more than 15 projects and collected almost 770,000 hryvnias.

Taking part in charity events on the Pokupon website and paying charity contributions, about 10,000 users have already become dedicated patrons of the following causes:

Financial support for the elderly.
Purchase of school supplies and uniforms for orphans.
Support of medical workers during the Covid-19 pandemic and purchase of protective suits necessary for their work.
Purchase of cardiac implants (occluders) for children with heart defects.
Fundraising for treating and rehabilitating children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, brain cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, and bone marrow transplantation.
Fundraising for creating a play therapy room at the Zaporizhzhia Regional Hospital.
Every contribution you made helped us to raise the necessary amount to make a bright dream come true, save someone's life, and provide support and basic necessities that not everyone can afford. 100% of the piggy bank is financed only for declared needs.

Pokupon believes that together we can do anything. See all charity projects on the Pokupon website and join good causes.

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