released a new edition of the book «Ukraine: 50 Symbols of Resistance» about iconic stories that inspired and united Ukrainians over the past year. The texts are in Ukrainian and English, and now the book also has a dust cover. The team will donate all the money from the sale to charity.

The book collects key images, events, personalities and even memes of the war, each of which is dedicated to a separate chapter and the work of Ukrainian illustrator Maria Kinovych. Among the symbols: Teroborona, The Ghost of Kyiv, Patron the Dog, Chornobayivka, Zmiinyi Island, Cruiser «Moscow», «Cotton» and others.

The team will distribute all proceeds from sales among five social initiatives through the platform:

- BF «Svichado», which provides material and technical assistance to hospitals, maternity homes and perinatal centers where premature babies are saved;

- BF «Open Palms», which specifically helps children and adults with oxygen deficiency;

- BF «Happy Paw», which helps shelters throughout the country and abandoned animals in the frontline territories;

- BF «Ukrainian Charitable Alliance», which provides humanitarian aid to the Kharkiv region, supports internally displaced persons and shelters, providing everything necessary for life;

- BF «Unbroken», which implements the charity project «Prostheses for the Unbroken», to provide at least fifty Ukrainians who suffered from the war with the best bionic prostheses in the world.

The book costs UAH 800, and you can buy it on the website or in the «My Bookshelf» bookstore at the following addresses:

– Kyiv, Chikalenko Street, 7;

- Kyiv, Srybnokilska, 1A.

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