Eco and animals reserve fund – is a project that accumulates money of those people, trusted in decision what project is in acute need more than others.
If you have not decided yet, what project in particular you would like to support; if you hesitate in your choice, what project is more important; or if all of the projects seem to be equally important to you – thus you have complete right to donate for the category.

All funds donated to the this reserve fund, ICF «Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace» will be allocated to the projects dedicated to «Eco and Animals reserve fund» category, including on the basis of the appeal of the authors of the projects – Operators of Help, where the help is needed the most, and it can save lives for many animals. The distribution of collected funds can be viewed in the «Spend Funds» tab.
At any time, 24/7, you can see which projects were supported and how much money was transferred from «Eco and Animals reserve fund» reserve fund and follow the progress of the projects.

Thank you for your help!

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Your help is needed more than ever. Support the project to add some goodness to this world!


Charity donation
25.09.2023 15:17
50.00 UAH
Уляна Бичишин
24.09.2023 12:44
10.00 UAH
Charity donation
17.09.2023 17:48
100.00 UAH
Olga Pavelko
15.09.2023 19:03
1000.00 UAH
Charity donation
14.09.2023 17:46
50.92 UAH
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