This year, Kurazh has chosen the theme of the year - the topic of mental health. Throughout the year, Kurazh will support initiatives and projects that do a lot to develop this topic in Ukraine, so that people themselves are not afraid to ask for help, understand, and do not condemn those who need help.

June goal: to raise UAH 55,144 to fund a two-month course for people who care for their loved ones with mental disorders and UAH 26,770 to build a petanque playground at Neuropsychiatric Dispensary #5 from the "Barvinok" organisation, which helps people with bipolar disorder and other mental health disorders.

The total cost of projects - UAH 81,914.

The first project is a whole course so that relatives caring for people with mental disorders can receive support and a plan of  actions. Course participants will attend online classes for two months to receive:

— information on mental health recovery = no one is to blame and what can be done

— an action plan on how to help yourself and your loved one

— a supportive environment for people who go through the same difficulties

— psychological support

This will make it possible to take steps to support your loved one without harming yourself. No guilt or despair. And with understanding, actions depend on you, where you can turn and how to stay close to the person you care about.

The second project is the implementation of the vast accumulated experience of successfully overcoming the problems associated with mental disorders, both methodological and social in nature — games and interactions with other people are one of the important elements. Therefore, people with mental illness and their loved ones in need of therapy will gather at the petanque court and play together.

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