This year, Kurazh chose the theme of the year – the theme of mental health. Throughout the year, Kurazh will support initiatives and projects that do a lot for the development of this topic in Ukraine, so that people themselves are not afraid to seek help, understand and do not condemn those who need help.

In August, Kurazh will finance a project in the field of mental health "Mobile Psychological Brigade" in Lviv, the total amount of which is UAH 50,500. The project is to provide psychological support and support to families of Stryj district of Lviv region in difficult life circumstances and those where there are people diagnosed with mental disorders. 1-2 times a week there will be visits to the communities of Stryj district to people who have recently been discharged from psychiatric hospitals after a long stay there.

The purpose of the project: to improve the psycho-emotional state of 100 families in difficult life circumstances of Stryj district by providing them with psychological counseling by a mobile psychological team.

Expected results (quantitative, qualitative):

 • 20 visits of the mobile psychological team were made

 • Specialists of social work from the district and each OTG of Stryj district were involved

 • 100 families in difficult life circumstances of Stryj district will receive psychological support.

We need to raise 50,500 hryvnias to provide quality assistance to 100 families in difficult life circumstances of the Stryi district with the help of a mobile psychological team.

Join us, support the project on and let's develop the topic of mental health in Ukraine together!

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