Kyivstar initiated the "Children's Hope" project to help children with heart diseases and cancer treated at Ukrainian hospitals.
If you wish to support children with heart diseases being treated at Lviv region hospitals, you can send an SMS with the donation sum to the number 450018. Single donation sum amounts from 1 UAH to 3,000 UAH.

Within the framework of the project "Children's Hope", together with its subscribers, Kyivstar will raise funds to provide Ukrainian hospitals that help children with heart and cancer diseases with modern medical equipment, medical supplies and ability to repair the existing equipment in short terms.

Kyivstar's pre-paid subscribers can choose the donation direction (cancer or cardiac) and one of the four country regions (Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, and Odesa), where hospitals will receive their donations. Kyivstar enables its subscribers to donate money quickly and conveniently through SMS to special short numbers.

Only pre-paid subscribers have the possibility to donate money through SMS. This possibility has not been provided for contract subscribers yet.

Funds donated by subscribers via SMS are not burdened with taxes. 100% of donations are transferred to hospital needs. The distribution of collected funds can be viewed in the tab "Financed". The list of subscribers who supported the project is updated once every few days and is available in the tab "Donators".

To support the project with a bank card, you can use the button "Support" on this page and donate any convenient amount to help children with heart diseases.

According to the official data of the website of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine (, more than 28,000 children aged 0 to 14 years suffering from heart diseases were registered in Ukraine in 2017. About 500 of such children are registered in Lviv region.

In Ukraine the situation in domestic hospitals is stably difficult, because of unavailability of necessary medicines, consumables and equipment. The most important problem of departments is the lack of public funds for the purchase of medical equipment and repair of existing one.

Therefore, three hospitals were selected for treatment of all children from this region - the Department of Older Children of the Lviv Oblast Children's Clinical Hospital "OKHMATDYT", the Department of Pediatrics of the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children's Medical Center, the Cardiac Surgery Department of the Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital.

The news of project "Children's Hope" can be found in the tab "News" and "Financed".

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