My name is Nastya and I just love animals. It’s my Birthday today and I decided to begin my New Year of life with providing a little help to those defenseless creatures who suffer so often at the hands of man being incapable to protect themselves. It is wonderful that there are so many kind and responsive people in our world involved in treatment of injured animals, however, their resources are not inexhaustible and they also need some support from us. 

On my birthday, I want to take part in a charity project, "Lend a Hand to a Paw! " and help to raise some missing funds. I know that I have many friends who love animals as much as I do, so let's help them together! This world is much more beautiful, when there are those cute wet noses in it.


The main project you can find here.

The initiator of the collection money is volunteer Anatasia Semeniuk.

Виталий Шаховский
04.11.2019 18:21
305.97 UAH
Charity donation
02.11.2019 18:46
100.00 UAH
Charity donation
31.10.2019 12:35
51.01 UAH
Дмитро І Анастасія
31.10.2019 07:21
50.92 UAH
Charity donation
30.10.2019 21:50
51.01 UAH
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