ELEKS is one of the largest software development service companies in Ukraine. In 2021, we celebrate our 30th anniversary and decided to celebrate it not with luxury events, but with good deeds! What do you think about the idea of ​​doing 30 good things before your thirtieth birthday? Sounds cool, right?

So, within the framework of ELEKS 30, we launched the challenge “Turn sport into charity!". With its help, the company transforms the daily activity of our specialists into charitable donations! Kilometres = funds:

🏃Run - 30 грн /5 км

🚴Bike - 10 грн /5 км

Our specialists weekly provide us with information about their classes, and monthly we transfer funds to the dobro.ua ❤

The money will go to projects that need ongoing funding: assistance in physical rehabilitation, providing medical facilities with the necessary equipment and support for orphans and the elderly.

We want to show that doing good things together is easy!

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17.06.2022 15:09
54.08 UAH
21.01.2022 12:09
14316.00 UAH
23.12.2021 18:15
18470.00 UAH
22.11.2021 13:19
11174.00 UAH
05.11.2021 21:07
28682.00 UAH
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