Pokupon together with the platform dobro.ua launched a fundraiser in support of the national program "Save the heart" to buy special heart implants (occluders) for children who need heart surgery.

Every year in Ukraine, thousands of children and their parents face a tremendous sentence - a small heart defect that requires surgery. 600 patients from all over Ukraine can be saved even without incisions and almost without pain by installing a heart implant.

For most Ukrainian families, the cost of a heart implant over UAH 100,000 is simply unaffordable. So let's save little hearts together: each of your 50, 100, 250 or 500 UAH gives children a second chance for a healthy and full life!

The purchase transfers to the Fund's account all the money raised that will be used to purchase children's occluders - heart implants.

Pokupon and I believe that together we can do everything. See all the charity projects on the Pokupon website and join the good deeds.

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27.07.2022 22:44
100.00 UAH
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23.05.2022 18:40
50.71 UAH
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21.02.2022 10:11
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09.08.2021 11:15
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04.08.2021 22:05
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