By supporting this reserve fund with any amount, you are saving Ukrainians from the humanitarian disaster caused by the war. Your support here provides immediate assistance to people fleeing war or forced to remain in danger.

For almost a year of the full-scale war in Ukraine, more than 39.6 million UAH was raised in this reserve fund, which made it possible to support 92 projects that were financed 102 times. Together, we helped more than 46.5 thousand people in 18 regions of Ukraine.

These funds make it possible to save thousands of lives around the clock, provide shelter to those left homeless, cover humanitarian needs, feed the needy, provide warm things to internally displaced persons, buy hundreds of pieces of equipment for hospitals where injured children and adults are rescued, and restore destroyed hospitals.

You can view supported projects in the Funded.

Thank you for your help! Glory to Ukraine!

*The photos are taken from the reports of the financed projects.

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