For the anniversary of the start of the full-scale war published a book with 50 symbols that have already become part of our history. Among them inspired us to fight made us laugh and cry, united Ukrainians with each other and with the world. The book was published in Ukrainian and English, and all proceeds from sales will go to charity thanks to platform.

"Ukraine: 50 Symbols of Resistance" is a book about the key images, events, personalities, and even memes of our war. Each of them has a separate chapter and the work of Ukrainian illustrator Maria Kinovich.

"It was important for us to capture important moments that happened to all of us after the full-scale invasion," says the team. - This book has both lighthearted stories of bravery, support and even humor, and tragic pages about the pain of war. And at the end, one crucial story is about Victory, which will surely come."

Among the characters in this gift book are Tero Defense, Bomb Shelter, Tractor Troops, Cotton, Azovstal, Cruiser Moscow, Marauding Russians and others - a total of 50 stories.

The book's print run is only 1,000 copies. Two hundred of them gives to opinion leaders, diplomats and politicians who are bringing Ukraine closer to victory. The remaining copies are available for purchase at the "My Bookshelf" bookstore.

To bring victory closer, all 100% of the money from sales will go to good causes. The following humanitarian initiatives will receive these funds:

1. Children of heroes (help to children of fallen soldiers)

2. Kittens of Soloma (mine clearance of territories)

3. Hearts of the Future (care for children with heart defects)

4. Let's Help (support for the elderly)

5. Center for Social Projects of the Future (care for animals in zoos in Nikolaev and Kharkov).

The publication is written in Ukrainian and English. encourages you to give the book to your Ukrainian and foreign friends, so that more people both here and abroad will remember our common path to Victory.

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