Hello everybody! My name is Vika Didur. I work at ubb.org.ua, carry out an active and healthy lifestyle and run daily with my baby in the stroller. I have to say that watching your baby grow is a great pleasure ... the first smiles, the first furrowed brows, and the constant "God, if only it's just a light moods, not a cold." Do you know why? Not only because of course we all want our kids to never get sick and always be healthy. It's really hard when your baby is sick, even with a simple cold. A healthy baby is a completely different child than a child who is suffering from something. Now, I feel sorry not only for the children when they feel unwell, but also for their parents.

How do you think a two-year-old child, who is constantly sick and crying, looks? Did you know that children with congenital atrial septal defect catch colds very often? Dasha Levenets is a child like this. And the reason is that she has an 11mm hole in her little heart... it is a huge hole for such a small heart. Urgent surgery and a heart implant (occluder) is required to correct the defect. And it is you who can save Darynka's life!

Dear friends, there is a way to literally heal this baby! Cardiac surgeons with golden hands + modern implant (occluder) = the next day Darinka will become 100% healthy baby! A child who can live a healthy and fulfilling life!

Now, with my team, I'm preparing for a major fundraising event this autumn in order to save this little life! Every day we run errands but this time we put off our daily chores to run for the healthy heart of Darynka!

Let's save the heart of Darinka together!

Press the "SUPPORT" button and transfer any amount of money comfortable for you right now. Become a Wizard for Darynka!


You can see the main project of Darina here.

The team of the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, in the framework of the marathon, collects part of the required amount.

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