Hi, I'm Sabina!

30 of my 39 years already - I am a volunteer!

Over the years, I have learned the main thing - to share my kindness.⠀

My dear Friends, I ask you to cancel all gifts, all flowers and any expenses for me.

I ask you to convert all your congratulations into donations - for me it will be the best gift.

You will make me happy if the hearts of our Ukrainian children will beat thanks to you!

On February 14, together with dobro.ua, we sold my e-cards with predictions in a day and collected UAH 180,710.

Thanks to you, two girls are now healthy and happy, and their parents will always be grateful to you.  Zhanna, she is 4 years old and Angela, she is 8 years old - these babies were operated on at the Amosov Institute thanks to you.  Despite the fact that during the war all planned operations were canceled, they waited and believed.

Everything worked out.  🙏🏻

And today, on my birthday, I am again raising money for the purchase of heart implants, they are called occluders, for children living with congenital heart disease.

Their families cannot afford to buy expensive implants, which cost about 100,000 UAH.

But they have us

You know that any amount, any donation turns into a real miracle.

Therefore, today is the time of miracles 🪄

If you don't have money to join, don't worry.  You can always support the repost - this is a big support.

And as a token of gratitude, I will give you my birthday wish, the very one that we have once a year, well, or just dream and wish us all victories and peace!

Thanks in advance to everyone for your congratulations!

Love you

Your Saba.

Glory to Ukraine!  🇺🇦

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