The charity birthday celebration of influencer Sabina Musina on the platform has already become a good tradition. For the past two years, Sabina has been creating and implementing charitable initiatives to help children born with heart defects, uniting her friends, family, supporters, businesses, and subscribers around the goal.

A birthday is a time of celebration and joy. And what better way to celebrate than to give back? Sabina's initiative "Everything is in Your Hands" touched the hearts of many supporters who responded to make a contribution to the charity. The response was overwhelming. On the first day alone, the amount of over UAH 1 million was raised! Philanthropists made donations, spread the word, and united to help purchase as many heart implants as possible. 

That's how the story of one birthday turned into everyday work and a large charity campaign that lasts 365 days a year and has saved more than fifty children's lives. 

Since the beginning of the collection, you and Sabina have raised more than UAH 9 million and saved the hearts of 68 children (as of September 21, 2023).

This project is a Moneybox that finances the purchase of heart implants for young patients of the Amosov Institute. Details about each purchased implant, children's stories, and all reporting documentation can be found on the All in Your Hands project page. Saved hearts. 

Let's open our hearts to give children a chance for a healthy and happy future! And remember: Everything is in your hands!


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Your help is needed more than ever. Support the project to add some goodness to this world!


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