In 2022, the Ukraine Relief Fund supported 82 projects worth UAH 34.69 million through

In 2022, the Ukraine Relief Fund supported 82 projects worth UAH 34.69 million through

The war affected everyone and united us on the path to victory. Now our strength is in our friends and partners.

The platform unites and rallies people to solve the problems of not only Ukrainians in trouble, but also the whole world.

Joint efforts bring victory closer and provide support to people who cannot cope with the grief and problems caused by the war alone. Thanks to our joint actions, we continue to be effective in combating the consequences of Russian aggression.

That is why the Ukraine Relief Fund, a charitable initiative founded by Viсtor and Olena Pinchuk and the Viсtor Pinchuk Foundation, Eric and Wendy Schmidt and Schmidt Futures, Robert F. Smith and Vista Equity Partners, the Minderoo Foundation of Andrew and Nicola Forrest, Bill Ford and the General Atlantic Foundation, has become a reliable partner of our platform.

Thanks to their regular financial support, we are able to quickly implement projects to support IDPs and provide medical care to children and adults affected by the war.

We turned the financial support of the Ukraine Relief Fund in the amount of UAH 34.69 million into real help and in 2022 were able to completed 82 charitable projects, including:

- UAH 16.01 million for medicines, medical equipment and assistance to hospitals;

- UAH 15.28 million for food, hygiene products and other humanitarian aid;

- UAH 3.4 million for the arrangement and operation of shelter for IDPs.

We can only win if we are united! That is why we create collaborations with trusted charities and public organizations to reinforce each other and share our expertise in various issues.

Our Operators of help are selfless charitable and non-governmental organizations that work with us to make titanic efforts to spend the resources raised in the most efficient way to help those in need.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Ukraine Relief Fund, more than 40,000 people from 18 regions of Ukraine received assistance, and projects were implemented in cooperation with 22 charitable and public organizations from all over Ukraine.

More information is available in our report in Ukrainian.

The war did not stop life in Ukraine, but only forced Ukrainians to survive in conditions of constant danger, humanitarian crisis, and fight not only for independence, but also for their lives, health and future.

Ukraine Relief Fund and its founders have become guardian angels for Ukraine and Ukrainians. It is this help that allows us to live, fight and support each other.

The contributions are never small, but the care that is dedicated to the people who are resisting the brutal aggression is great.

We are united. The world is with us. Together we will win!