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What didn't kill us made us stronger – the written truth becomes the slogan for Ukrainian charity in 2022. Under rocket fire, occupation, in basements, without light, heat and water, Ukrainians not only hold the blow and fight against the aggressor, but also become one of the most generous nations in the world. And the funds continue to work unceasingly. We continue to unite people and work 24/7 to bring victory closer.

Together with you, we collected 143 million UAH for charity this year! Benefactors supported projects from 87 partner funds of the platform.

Key events of our charitable year:

  • The National Rehabilitation Center "Unbroken" on the basis of the First Medical Association of Lviv together with is starting a large-scale charitable project "Prostheses for the Unbroken". Its goal is 50 modern prostheses. More than 29 million UAH have already been collected – and this is only the beginning.

  • The country's most important singing television show "Voice of the Country" is dedicated to helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine this year. Together with the "Return Alive" fund, the hosts and viewers of the "Voice of the Country" and "Snidanok z 1+1" TV shows, we are rasing 3 million 200 thousand UAH for a set of drones and demining equipment for sappers.

  • More than 10,000 tools for the army and a charity project worth 5 million UAH are being implemented thanks to the Ukrainian network of construction and repair materials DNIPRO-M.

  • The famous Ukrainian cat, Stepan, is engaged in vigorous charitable activities and helps his fellow hungry people. All the cats of the world do not pass by and collect 170 thousand UAH for the needs of animals in Ukraine.

  • Together with CF "Hearts of the Future" we continue the national program "Save the Heart", which saves the hearts of young Ukrainians with congenital heart defects. Pavlo Kazarin, Sabina Musina, mobile operator Vodafone and many benefactors of the platform are among the constant saviors who unite benefactors around them.

Together we did the incredible! We saved lives, worried, protected and fought. And you and I know how to fight better than others. A year of great victory is ahead, and we will also do it together! Thank you for doing good together on

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