Bionic arm prosthesis for a defender who exceeded all doctors' expectations

Bionic arm prosthesis for a defender who exceeded all doctors' expectations

After multiple injuries, three strokes and respiratory failure, he could not even sit up without assistance. And now, after 8 months of daily hard work with the specialists of the UNBROKEN National Rehabilitation Center, the defender has fully regained control over his body. He is completing prosthetics, preparing for discharge and dreams of becoming a physical therapist.

The patient: 22-year-old Georgiy Raskaley from the heroic city of Irpin. He has been defending the country since he was 19, in the Donetsk sector. In May 2023, in the area of Bakhmut, the young soldier received a severe shrapnel wound. An enemy mine hits the dugout where the young soldier was. On the spot, Heorhiy suffers three cerebral hemorrhages, and in a Dnipro hospital, his breathing stops. The warrior regained consciousness only in a Kyiv hospital, where he learned about the loss of his arm.

Despite the fact that doctors managed to save the young defender's life, the chances of his recovery were slim. For rehabilitation, Heorhiy was sent to Lviv, to the UNBROKEN Center. Here, a multidisciplinary team takes care of the difficult patient. Every day for 8 hours of grueling training. And in eight months, the guy who could not walk and could hold his balance no longer than 20 seconds while sitting, has restored all his physiological functions.

Now it was time for prosthetics. The multidisciplinary team decided to fit Heorhiy with the most functional and high-tech artificial limb - a bionic arm. This was made possible thanks to donations from philanthropists. Heorhiy is already being fitted by specialists. The final touches remain: to fit the limb and learn how to use the bionic arm.

Here is what the UNBROKEN defender says on the eve of his discharge: "When I was injured, I thought my life was over and I would rather die. However, my mom did not let me give up. I have fully recovered and am now successfully integrating into society and returning to a peaceful life. Now I am studying to become a rehabilitation specialist and have already passed the first session. I also returned to my hobby - ballroom dancing."

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