celebrates its birthday! celebrates its birthday! celebrates its birthday today! We are already 12 years old. During this time, the dream of creating an online charity platform has become a reality that has exceeded all expectations. Over these 12 years, we have managed to unite 240 verified charitable foundations, together with which we have raised more than 640 million hryvnias for charity. 

This figure is growing at the moment this text is being printed and at the moment you are reading it. The number of our benefactors has long exceeded one million, and the number of those who have received help already numbers hundreds of thousands. Every year, we collect the coolest professional awards, create collaborations with the best business giants and initiative groups, and we know that we are with you without any modesty – the top! is a brand that our team has created to make every Ukrainian, wherever they are, feel like a part of a big family where everyone is important and everyone has something to share with those who need help. Today, when the whole country is fighting the enemy, we are rescuing and supporting because we have managed to unite those who have a habit of doing good around

But the most important thing is that during the war, which the world has never seen before, we not only survived, we became even stronger. Over the past year and a half alone, 30 new charitable partners have joined us. Can you imagine? The number of professional foundations has not decreased, but increased. In 12 years, the platform has accredited 240 civil society organizations! 

Together we work to ensure that you can transfer 10, 20 or even a million hryvnias 24/7 to help children in any region of the country, support hospitals in any region, feed animals, provide essentials for IDPs, help Ukrainian defenders and do many other good deeds. Every day we help attract resources and partners, check projects from foundations and organizations from all over the country, and monitor their implementation to ensure that every hryvnia you give goes to the cause you support.

Iryna Hutsal, director of

My most powerful source of motivation and inspiration is our team, which has repeatedly become a generator of strength and energy for each other in difficult situations. We are all very different, but we share common values. Outside of work, my anti-stress is my cats Tigra and Bodia, flowers in the garden – peonies, hydrangeas, canes, calla lilies, magnolias, chrysanthemums, etc. My husband has come to terms with the fact that I take over the lawn, and my friends joke that I have a branch of a botanical garden. I also adore numbers and data, and systematizing my work with them is like playing a solitaire. Colleagues draw strength from their families, hobbies, and physical activity. Many have pets. For all of them, rage is equally converted into helping our army and volunteering.

Tetiana Pylypchuk, PR director of

February 24 was a day that changed the lives of every Ukrainian and inevitably paralyzed the work of charitable foundations. However, having recovered, even in danger and under fire, most of the foundations resumed their activities in a matter of days. At first, it seemed that the foundations and our platform were losing donors and business partners, and that employees were forced to evacuate and save their lives. During the war, the foundations had to look for new sources of funding and take on new areas of assistance. Helping the army, injured civilians, wounded children and adults, and people left homeless. Currently, the Cabinet of Ministers has eased reporting requirements for all those who help the war victims. Most charitable foundations operate online. Some have become internally displaced, while others have moved abroad. Those who stayed in Ukraine worked during the winter in the face of power, communication, and Internet outages. We are proud of each of our partners. Even in difficult conditions, not a single fund has stopped working and increased the amount of funds raised.

Ivanna Slobodziana, content manager of

We are pleased to welcome 30 new partners who have joined us since the beginning of the war, showing their commitment and solidarity with Ukrainians. Together we are helping the military and those affected by the war. Our hearts are united around a common goal – to support and protect our fellow citizens in difficult times. Their contribution to creating positive changes in the lives of our fellow citizens is extremely valuable. Our values remain unchanged. Mutual respect, trust, transparency and accountability are the foundation for working together and achieving results. We believe in the power of unity and are doing everything we can to help Ukrainians during this difficult time.

We use 100% of the money donated on our website for charitable projects exclusively for the implementation of these projects, without charging any fees for the work of the team or for technical support of the platform. To ensure that the platform continues to raise funds and the team continues to be faithful to its work, we need your help. Your support of our platform is the best gift for us today!

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