Year of the war. How did it get on

Year of the war. How did it get on

February 24 is a day that changed the life of every Ukrainian and inevitably paralyzed the work of charitable foundations. However, having recovered, even in danger and under shelling, most of them resumed their activities in a matter of days.

At first it seemed that the foundations were losing donors, business partners, and the employees themselves were forced to evacuate and save their lives. All this had a significant impact on the work of the funds, which in wartime had to look for new sources of funding and take on new directions of assistance. Aid to the army, injured civilians, wounded children and adults, people left without a roof over their heads and means of livelihood.

The rules of work in the charity sector have changed somewhat. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has eased reporting requirements for anyone helping war victims. Most charitable foundations operate online. Someone himself became an immigrant inside the country, and someone left abroad. Those who remain in Ukraine work in the conditions of electricity, communication and Internet blackouts.

We are proud of each of you! We are surprised how in these conditions, how no fund not only did not stop work, but also increased the amount of collected funds.

We asked our Operators of help about how the year passed for them and how cooperation with affected the results.