Ukrainian schoolchildren received life-saving first-aid kits

Ukrainian schoolchildren received life-saving first-aid kits

SOCAR Energy Ukraine raised 1 million UAH for medical kits for schoolchildren. With these funds, 574 first-aid kits were purchased, which were handed over to 12 schools in different regions of Ukraine.

In addition to medical kits, each first-aid kit contains instructions for psychological assistance for students and school staff. These instructions were prepared as part of the initiative of First Lady Olena Zelenska to create a National Mental Health Program, the development of which is coordinated by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine with the support of the World Health Organization.

"This project was very important for the company. For us, helping Ukrainians is always in the first place. And, of course, I want to thank our partners and all those who participated in fundraising. This project has been successfully completed, and we are moving on – many needs help, and we have many more important charitable initiatives planned," said Ihor Orlov, director of the SOCAR Energy Ukraine network.

The charity platform acted as a partner and implementer of the charity project SOCAR Energy Ukraine, expert support was provided by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

"The feeling of constant danger forces us to act and worry even more about loved ones. Together with Socar, we tried to provide as much support as possible to children who are forced to grow up in this difficult time. Unfortunately, they have to be prepared for various dangerous situations and it is in our power to provide everything, which can save their lives today. We thank every Ukrainian who now chooses to do good," Iryna Gutsal, director of the charity platform.

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