We raise funds for good deeds in monobank

We raise funds for good deeds in monobank

We raise money in the bank for good deeds! Join the monobank app.

You can support the charity meeting of the dobro.ua platform in the monobank application.
Together we save the lives of seriously ill children, care for the elderly, feed homeless animals and support people fleeing the war.

Just a few steps to join the good deeds of monobank:
- open the monobank application
- go to the "Accumulation" section
- press "Banks for good"
- choose from the list "dobro.ua"
- click "connect"

In order to quietly help our fund, set up one or more of the options in the application when connecting the dobro.ua bank: regular deductions, rounding or percentage of expenses, rounding off the balance.

What rules for transferring funds to dobro.ua can you set up:

1. Round off the balance on the card at the end of the day.
For example: the balance of personal funds at the end of the day is UAH 950, the philanthropist chose to round up to UAH 100 at the end of the day — 50 UAH will go to dobro.ua, and a round sum of UAH 900 will remain on the balance sheet.

2. Round up the amount of each purchase.
For example: a philanthropist spent UAH 90 in a store and set up a rounding rule for each expense to UAH 100 — UAH 10 will go to the fund.

3. Transfer a percentage of all expenses.
For example: a philanthropist decided to give you 1% of each transaction on his card and spent 100 UAH — 1 UAH will go to dobro.ua.

4. Setting up a regular payment.
It's like a subscription. For example: a philanthropist can donate 500 UAH or another amount once a month.

Now good deeds happen thanks to your charitable contributions!

Anyone can help

Help is easier than you think. Create your own fundraising campaignand share with your friends.
Together we collect money faster!

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