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Charity Organization "You are not one" "Charitable Foundation 1+1 media" announces the only UKRAINE SOS charity fundraising. We need additional financial resources for urgent needs.

From the first days of the war, 1+1 TV presenters became volunteers. The teams of 1+1 media charitable projects and all 25 TV presenters – Nataliya Moseychuk, Solomiya Vitvitska, Nelya Shovkoplyas, Lyudmila Barbir, Yegor Gordeyev, Lydia Taran, Natalia Ostrovska and others unite to save the lives and help hospitals, centers of migrants, Ukrainian cities’ communities and Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The team of journalists is in – the center of important information and responds to SOS signals – in requests for evacuation, humanitarian aid, transport costs, medical supplies, housing, food, protective equipment, psychological support, and also doing rescue broadcasting live and in social media.  Charitable foundations, NGOs, volunteer communities, urban communities, territorial defense and defenders are in touch.  

The "Make a Dream" team under the auspices of 1+1 with Nela Shovkoplias raised 12.5 tons of humanitarian aid for children, families and the elderly, collected by parents and students in the Spanish town of Cartagena. These are medicine, clothes, food, hygiene products. Solomiya Vitvitska organizes music concerts every Friday to support doctors and patients at the Okhmatdyt National Children's Specialized Hospital. And a list of important and valuable.

In order to do even more, the team of the Foundation opens Ukraine SOS single program!

Please join the Rapid Response fundraising! The funds will go to the most urgent causes. For the fuel for volunteer drivers, transportation and acceptance of urgent humanitarian goods, purchase of buses, fast and high-quality psychological and other assistance to the Ukrainian children from different cities experiencing severe trauma – injuries or deaths of parents in front of them, other tragedies occurred. These are targeted financial support for families in difficult situations, assistance in evacuation, purchase of medical supplies for hospitals, purchase of turnstiles. Assistance to partner foundations, NGOs, volunteer communities in order to support hospitals and for other important needs. We also need additional funds to carry out journalistic work on important topics, especially during business trips.

And what is very important! We will carry the light of joy! We will not stop making the dreams of the children come true, our Ukrainian children of war, little patients who are waiting for our support!

Together with "Make a Dream" and with you, we will continue to carry out the most cherished wishes and give miracles and happiness! Strengthen the faith of our children in good people and in the future of Ukraine!
Because in any darkness there is always a place for light!  And the sun always rises after the night!

We are bringing together the realization of the main dream of all – peace and victory!

Thank you for every hryvnia, dollar, euro!

Reference information:
The Charity Organization "You are not one" "Charitable Foundation 1+1 media"
 was established 5 years ago in 2017 to strengthen the work of well-known social projects "Make a Dream", "Right for Education", "The Victors", curated by 1+1 TV presenters. The Foundation is a platform for the development of important changes in society, in particular in the areas of educational and psychological assistance.

ID: 8062

Your help is needed more than ever. Support the project to add some goodness to this world!


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