Olezhka, live! 2
Olezhka, live! 2

Olezhka, live! 2

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Started: 03.12.2020
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Olezhka's sad story began two years ago, when the word "cancer" was first pronounced. The tumor in thee ye orbit was removed, then he underwent radiation therapy 18 times and 4 sessions of chemotherapy. Eight months of struggle and a long-awaited remission. And after three months - relapse. It is impossible to help him in Ukraine...

During the search for a clinic abroad, the tumor began to grow at lightning speed, pushing the eye out of the orbit, and after a while the boy could not close his eye at all. The Turkish Memorial Hospital agreed to admit Olezhka, exhausted from daily headaches, and gave him a chance to live. This is how the next stage of saving the boy's life began - chemotherapy, precision removal of the tumor remnants, and bone marrow autotransplantation. During the treatment, Oleg had convulsions, respiratory arrest, severe vomiting, fainting and weight loss. Ten months of wasting treatment and a long-awaited return home in the middle of summer.

It would seem that this is how happiness looks like: relatives, friends, home, school. Despite weakness and fatigue, Olezhka went to school. After all, he was waiting for this! He had plans to go to the pool. Yes, the little family allowed itself to make plans for the future! And they almost believed that everything worked out.

In September, exactly two months after returning from Turkey, Olezhka had a lump on his arm. A survey in Kharkov, and later in Istanbul, confirmed the most terrible fears: metastases in the arm, abdominal cavity and around the bladder. Relapse and the doctor's words that there are two options: to start all over again, subject to the body's response to the first "chemistry", or to return home and enjoy every spent day. How many days there will be, God alone knows. The mother chose the first option.

Olezhka is now recovering from the first high-dose chemotherapy. High temperature, loss of energy and complete lack of appetite, but the body has a response! The tumor has decreased! The fight for life continues! There are five more chemotherapy cycles ahead, followed by radiotherapy of the arm and abdomen. The bill for the first stage of treatment alone is about $ 30,000.

Thanks to the support of a huge number of people from all over the world, as well as the "Olezhka, live!" project, the boy got a chance to live.

Today our hero needs help again. Save Olezhka! Save mom's only son!

On dobro.ua we collect part of the amount  UAH 300,000.

Full name: Grigorov Oleg, 20.11.2009
City: Kharkiv
Diagnosis: Rhabdomyosarcoma of the orbit of the left eye. Second relapse, metastases in the arm and near the bladder
ID: 6620

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