Look around. I can't get up without your hand. 5
Look around. I can't get up without your hand. 5

Look around. I can't get up without your hand. 5

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Started: 14.02.2020
Kyiv region
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34000.00 UAH
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34000.00 UAH
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A 5-year-old boy in the photo – Ivan. He was born earlier than predicted and was born, did not cry. All the fault was the umbilical cord, which strangled the baby. Doctors courageously saved Ivan, and the boy was able to survive. But the tests did not end there... As soon as the boy recovered and was able to breathe on his own, the doctors performed an operation to remove an inguinal hernia. But later, Ivan was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a delay in physical development, as it turned out, his brain was damaged, and muscle hypertonicity hindered the baby’s movements.

On the recommendation of doctors, concerned parents began to act: then hospitals, rehabilitation courses, massages and medicines began. And all this brings its results: now Ivan can already crouch on his own, walks, tries to talk and understands everything. Parents rejoice at the achievements of their son and ask for support very much because the son needs to be continued to be treated, but there is no money for this. Do not be indifferent, support Nazar?

Earlier on UBB, we were already raising funds for Ivan. To view previous projects You can use the link.


Name: Danylov Ivan, 07.07.2014

City: Vyshgorod, Kyiv region

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, lower spastic paraparesis residual organic genesis

Reports and documents

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Reports and documents
Катюша Одесса
05.03.2020 23:06
3300.52 UAH
Лук'янчук Сергій
05.03.2020 18:59
112.16 UAH
Лариса Р
05.03.2020 13:11
100.00 UAH
04.03.2020 17:01
244.40 UAH
Anonymous help
03.03.2020 18:59
10.18 UAH
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