That the street does not become home
That the street does not become home

That the street does not become home

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Started: 18.06.2019
Khmelnytskyi region
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Every child is important, every child is valuable and desirable... Yes, everyone seems to agree with this, but not every family treats their own children so that they really feel it – they love them, they care about them, they are important for the older ones people. Unfortunately, this happens... When, for example, parents are so concerned about where to get a drink that they certainly do not have for children, or when parents are not at all present in raising and caring about their child, because they are many hundreds or thousands of kilometers, in another country on earnings, entrusting the care of an 8-9-year-old child to an old woman who needs herself even for help... 

And still it happens that mother would like to give her young children more attention, warmth, love, but educates them herself, without support, and forced to work on two or three works almost ts lonely and do not see children for a few days, and at that time they occupy themselves as they are able... Or, when an eleven-year-old child is forced to flee from home and look for a whole day to avoid getting drunk under the hot hand of an aggressive father, or But quite alien people who are gathering in their house, because there is something like a hollow... There are many similar stories you can tell about because we communicate with children and teenagers from such families every day. They come to us because they know for sure: here they are waiting for them, they will take care of them, here are food and normal conditions, here they are clean, cozy, calm and safe.

And it's so important and interesting, because of which children and teens go to us: the lessons our volunteers spend with them, who put their whole hearts and soul in these children, generously sharing and teaching that they can themselves – many hours a day give to children, engaging in them in the drama and vocal circles, organize various games, competitions, learn to interact, give advice, arrange the conditions for children, so that they can demonstrate later to the audience what everyone learned that everyone is special because it so important - to be accepted and recognized, especially when you are 9-15 years old, and the home did not even question because there is not for you and your abilities, there are no children or love and care...

It is clear that for organizing the daily stay of different age children in our fund, as well as various, sometimes individual, classes with each of them, you need a lot of money. For example, now in the summer, about 20 children come to us every day, so we spend a lot of money on the purchase of products, detergents, and materials for employment. And we were in a situation where we are not able to buy such necessary and inexpensive, after all, things, because the fund, which exists exclusively on donations, cannot always buy what exactly is needed right now. 

We are talking about an amount of 8 360 UAH to buy 2 microphones for conducting classes and for further performances of children so that they can learn and develop, reveal their own abilities, and ultimately gain self-confidence in their value and importance. It would seem to be a trivial matter, but it is precisely such things that help children and adolescents do not leave their homes where they feel unnecessary on the street, because we all know about the sad consequences that the upbringing of the street leads to – alcohol, drugs, illness, problems with the law... Instead, in order to continue to come and stay in the environment of acceptance, care and love that they find with us.

We have a great opportunity today to prevent a sad turning-off in the lives of such children, to make a small contribution, to engage in good deeds and to help them grow in a safe and normal environment. Opening and developing at the same time their abilities and talents. Every child is worth the best! Join!

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Українська Біржа Благодійності
08.09.2019 00:34
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Юлія Грищенкова
07.09.2019 23:42
1906.00 UAH
Дмитро І Анастасія
07.09.2019 11:07
50.92 UAH
Глеб Панченко
05.09.2019 14:52
712.83 UAH
26.11 10
04.09.2019 22:57
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