By supporting this treasury with any amount, you are helping to provide medicines, consumables and necessary medical equipment to the hospital, which is now saving the lives of young and adult Ukrainians who came under fire. Your support helps doctors keep fighting for their lives.

During the 2 months of the war, more than UAH 700,000 was collected in this treasury, which allowed to support 5 projects - the necessary medical equipment, consumables and medicines were purchased at hospitals in Kyiv, Zaporizhia and Khmelnytsky.

The war continues and the needs and requests from hospitals are only increasing. Details of supported projects can be found in the Funded.

Our doctors are real heroes, in particular doctors of children's hospitals. Since the beginning of the war, they have lived in offices, sometimes without even rising from storage. Provide an adequate level of medical support to young hospital patients.

We are raising funds within this treasury, and thanks to it we will be able to cover urgent needs.

Please join in, because children are our future!

*Photo credit: hromadske.

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