Homeless - is a person left on the street on their own. At the end of 2018 Center for homeless people registered in Kiev 1628 people. According to information from organizations and community groups, the real figure can reach 50,000 homeless in the capital.

The theme of homelessness is surrounded by stereotypes. It prevents us to see beyond the homeless people who find themselves in difficult circumstances: family conflicts, fraud, housing, involuntary resettlement, loss of work, illness or old age. From these circumstances no one is safe. Life is pretty wild and unpredictable and we have the opportunity systematically to help people in difficult times.

Non-governmental organization “Zhittya Buremne”, formed by initiative of media-project Suka_zhizn, started a campaign, for changing the attitude of society to the problem of homelessness and reintegrate people who are ending up on the street.

Our plans:

• change the attitude of society to the problem of homelessness;
• provide high-quality targeted assistance to people who remained on the street (clothes, food, hygiene, first aid);
• to lay the Foundation for the provision of legal assistance to the homeless;
• to provide psychological and social support;
• begin the process of developing the way of actual count of the homeless, by CRM system “Vrahovani”.

All the money that you send will be donated to charity. Any time you will be able to know who exactly helped by their means (see "Funded projects").



Funded Projects:

1.131 728 UAH. on the project Kurazh x Suka Zhizn: CRM system to help the homeless

2. 16 377 UAH. for the project "CRM-system for registering homeless people. 2" (initiated by the public organization "Zhittya Buremne" together with "Kurazh")

ID: 6000

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