The documentaries "The Lost House" and "Mariupol. The Lost Hope" were created by the Association of Ukrainian Producers in the spring of 2022. The most brutal period of Russian aggression was forced to show the war through the eyes of ordinary Ukrainians, who did not break under the pressure of the invaders but also showed their Ukrainian courage.

The documentary film "The Lost Home" tells the stories of people whose homes were destroyed by Russian occupiers to help Ukrainians rebuild their own homes.

One of the film's "The Lost House" goals is to support the rebuilding of Ukrainian homes destroyed by the war. This is what the volunteer construction battalion "Dobrobat" is doing, which has 32,000 Dobrobat residents - caring people who aim to help their fellow citizens. "Dobrobat" focuses on the primary reconstruction of damaged housing. You can support the battalion's work and speed up rebuilding Ukrainian housing on the platform: the "New House" charity project.

"Mariupol. Unlost Hope" is evidence of the Russian-Ukrainian war through the eyes of ordinary people who lived in Mariupol during the first month of the invasion. The film is based on the diaries of Mariupol journalist Nadia Sukhorukova: she wrote down what she saw around her at that time. What was seen and experienced could not but leave a heavy psychological mark on every Ukrainian.

The tape "Mariupol. Unlost Hope" does not contain scary footage and does not put pressure on the viewer. Five residents of Mariupol share their experiences of life during the war. These events and needed psychological rehabilitation mutilated the psyche of every woman and child. All the necessary support is provided to Ukrainian mothers in the rehabilitation camp of the "Masha" foundation, where professional psychologists, through intensive classes and practices, restore peace and self-confidence to women, even if they have survived violence or occupation. You can support the work of the rehabilitation camp on the platform: the charity project "Indomitable Strength".